Download & Installation


  1. Download ImageJ.

  2. Download HTPheno (5.97 MB) with the example files applied in the tutorials.

  3. Download Source Code (42 KB).


  1. Install ImageJ (see also ImageJ - Installation instructions).

  2. Unpack the folder into the ImageJ plugins directory (e.g. /ImageJ/plugins).
    The unpacked folder contains the following files:
    • HTPheno_.jar:
    • ImageJ plugin for Image Analysis of High-Throughput Phenotyping

    • config_color2class_side.csv & config_color2class_top.csv:
    • side/top view object classes configuration files

    • config_regions_side.csv & config_regions_top.csv:
    • side/top view regions configuration files

    • config_class2number.csv:
    • internal mapping configuration file

    • config_number2class.csv:
    • output colour mapping configuration file

    • config_scaling_side.csv & config_scaling_top.csv:
    • side/top view scaling factor configuration files

    Note: Please look up the manual and the tutorials for a detailed description of all configuration files.

  3. Start ImageJ (the HTPheno plugin is automatically installed).